Trabuco’s Appointment To Chairman Of Banco Bradesco Instigates Race For CEO Position

Lazaro de Mello Brandao, the world’s oldest bank chairman at 91 years of age, will step down from is stepping down from his position at Banco Bradesco SA after 25 years of service. Brandao’s departure has ignited a race to succeed him in power.

In the Interim, the vacated position will be manned by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the bank’s current chief operating officer. Trabuco will perform the duties of both positions until March of 2018 at which time Banco Bradesco SA will appoint a new CEO.

Brandao’s historic tenure with Bradesco began in 1943 when Brandao was hired as a 16-year-old mail clerk. In 1981 Brandao joined a select group of executives when he became one of only four CEO’s Bradesco has had in its history. Brandao would find himself to be the member of an even more exclusive group when he was appointed chairman of Bradesco as he is only the second chairman in company history.


In a recent talk with journalist Brandao expressed that it was his own decision to resign at this time and expressed that continuity with the company will not be a concern. As chairman Brandao greatly favored the promotion of executives from within company ranks. This company philosophy is expected to remain in place.

The Talent Pool

While speaking at the same media event as Brandao, Trabuco reiterated that the pool of talent that has already been assembled by the retiring chairman will provide the second largest bank in Brazil with its next CEO. Some possible candidates to replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as Bradesco CEO are.

· Mauricio Machado de Minas: Machado joined the bank in 2009 and is currently in charge of the company’s IT department.
· Alexandre Da Silva Gluher: Gluher joined the bank in 1976 and is the Bradesco’s chief risk officer. Gluher was also a central party in Bradesco’s $5.2 billion acquisition of HSBC Holdings Brazil.
· Domingos Figueiredo Abreu: Abreu heads the bank’s treasury and lending department. He has worked with Bradesco since 1981.
· Josué Augusto Pancini: An employee since 1975, Pancini supervises the bank’s branch network.
· Marcelo de Araujo Noronha: The 52-year-old Noronha joined Bradesco in 2003 and is in charge of the bank’s corporate and investment banking.
· Octavio de Lazari: The 54-year-old Lazari has been with the bank since 1978 and was appointed to Bradesco’s team of managers last May.
· André Rodrigues Cano: Cano heads the bank’s HR department. He has worked with Bradesco since 1977.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born June 10, 1951, in Marilia, SP. Trabuco began his professional career in banking with Banco Bradesco in 1969. Bradesco would turn out to be the only employer Trabuco would need.

Years of dedicated service to the bank by Trabuco was rewarded in 1984 when Trabuco was elected company director. In 1999 Trabuco was promoted to vice president of the company and from 2003 to 2009 Trabuco served as president for the Bradesco Seguros Group.

Trabuco was elected in 2009 to be Banco Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer. Trabuco will continue to hold this position for Banco Bradesco until March of 2018 when he will become the third chairman in Banco Bradesco history.

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Vijay Eswaran Says That Students Should Focus On Being Job Creators

Technical institutions and universities should teach graduates to become job creators. Vijay Eswaran contends that after graduating from college, most people seek for jobs instead of creating one.

He points out at the many tech graduates who have remained jobless despite of having the technical skills that they can use to create opportunities that could create jobs not only for them, but also to other graduates and members of the society. He encourages job seekers to apply for opportunities that match their qualifications.

This strategy will enhance their chances of securing job opportunities and eliminating the needs for making hundreds of job applications. Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of QI Group, a conglomerate company that is based in Hong Kong. Read more: Executive Chairman of QI Group Vijay Eswaran Talks Business and Philanthropy

Vijay notes that many tech graduates are reluctant to take risks and venture out on their own. This is because they have inadequate business skills. Eswaran is urging institutions to come up with programs and courses that would inspire these graduates to take risks and create employment opportunities in the society.

The entrepreneur adds that many graduates are conservative thinkers. This way, they are ready to work for other people. These potential jobs creators end up wasting a lot of time before they are confident enough to venture out on their own. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

With the ever-increasing presence of artificial intelligence in devices and equipment, automation, and robotic technology, job opportunities have continued to dwindle.

Moreover, the world’s population is continuing to grow. This way, there is an increase in the number of qualified people who are seeking for job every day. The executive leader was speaking during a student forum held at Universiti Malaya.

In addition, Vijay Eswaran talked about the different mentality among job seekers. In China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, job seekers are willing to first work for other people to gain experience. Later, they come out of employment and become their own bosses while creating employment opportunities for other graduates.

Vijay contends that tech graduates should analyze the pros and cons of both approaches and decide on the ideal options. With a settled mind, individuals are able to channel their energies and establish themselves in the industry. Moreover, Vijay Eswaran talked about the ever-increasing competition between startups in the field.

Goettl Air Conditiioning Comes Back From Adversity

Goettl Air Conditioning was first established in 1932 by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl. Their enterprise was the first to bring the evaporative cooling system and refrigerated air conditioning to the marketplace. Obviously when these two technologies were made available it changed the lifestyle of thousands of desert dwellers.

Goettl has helped and serviced five generations of families over the years and they have especially prided themselves on the fine customer service that has been their trademark as well as fair pricing.

In the late nineties Goettl was purchased by a large national management company and things began to go downhill right away. It was just that the day-to-day items that need local attention were not able to be practiced in the normal way. The large management firm also spent more time counting their money than they did addressing customer service needs.

The employees of Goettl became frustrated because there were not the means to offer the quality of service that had previously been the norm, and they began to wonder about their future with the company too.

In 2013, Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl and it was one of those “finally something can be done” situations. Goodrich has spent his entire business career bailing out companies who were in difficulty and then bringing them back to profitability.

Goodrich saw that there were little to nothing in the way of profits, and a very poor morale issue with employees. He immediately took action and scheduled visits individually with employees and customers. He implemented a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee program which covered everything the company sold, serviced or installed.

In addition there was a pending lawsuit due to prior shady business practices, and Goodrich had to settle that as well. Slowly, but surely Goodrich reinvigorated the company by getting the employees excited about where the company was headed. He emphasized that the focus would be on the customers and their situations and when that got into place, happy customers would equal higher revenues.

That very prophecy came to pass as the company currently enjoys annual revenues in excess of $50 million.

Another good strategic move was the acquisition of Southern California’s Walton’s Heating and Air. Walton’s, owned by Todd Longbrake focused primarily on the commercial HVAC area of the business promised to bring additional business from that area. Goettl had always been a residential heating and air company, and the two disciplines coming together proved to be a winning combination.

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Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere, Queen of the Unicorns

Most makeup enthusiasts are quite familiar with Doe Deere, the founder, and CEO of the popular cosmetic company, Lime Crime. Even if you are not a member of Lime Crime’s target demographic, there is still a lot to be gleaned from Ms. Deere’s success. A native of Russia who moved to the United States at the age of 17, Deere is no stranger to innovation and setting trends. Learn more:


Following a lengthy residency in New York City where she founded Lime Crime, Deere now lives with her husband in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, Doe’s childhood dream was to become a musician, a career path that she followed during her younger years. In fact, Lime Crime came about due to her frustration in finding the brightly colored hair color and makeup that has been become her signature style.


It was during her stint in a Brooklyn band that Deere came to know and love her husband, who is also a songwriter. The two remain collaborators and continue to work closely together both with Lime Crime and in life itself. Doe enjoys collaboration and helping other young people to realize their dreams and ambitions. She hopes to serve as a role model for other people that are hoping to forge their own path in life.


Deere looks at makeup as a form of expression and believes that there remains a significant audience for the bright and expressive color palette for which Lime Crime is known. In fact, when she founded the company in 2008, the fashion industry was in the midst of a neutral phase with beige lip color being the norm. It did not take long for the bold colors offered by Lime Crime to take off in popularity, thus proving that Deere was not the only one attracted to these colors.


Doe Deere sees fashion and makeup as an extension of herself, and as a way to express herself and inner soul. This graduate of FIT and fashion maven continues to captivate the imaginations of her customers as well as the fashion world at large. It will be interesting to see what exciting beauty products Lime Crime introduces next. Learn more:


This judgment-free beauty brand continues to gain popularity and Doe Deere is the perfect face of the company. With her brightly colored hair and bold lipstick, Deere personifies the company’s mantra of self-expression that is unapologetic. Keep watching to see what this beauty ingenue does next!


Finding Pitchers to Pitch Your way into the Fantasy Baseball Playoffs

The 2017 fantasy baseball season is winding down to the end. Potential playoff spots in your league are on the line. If you’re striving to earn one of those spots, pitching points may be what gives you an edge.



While there were some young, relatively unknown hurlers who have held their own thus far, when rosters expand on September 1st, a couple quality pitching starts could catapult you on a pathway to your fantasy league title.



Check Here First



6 weeks into the season, a few of young pitchers made the list as potential fantasy adds from the waiver wire. A couple have either faded from the scene, or been injured. Eddie Butler hasn’t proven rotation worthy for the Cubs, and Hansel Robles has been parked on the DL most of the second half.



Jose Urena and Luis Perdomo have put up fantasy worthy numbers, while being part of the rotation for the Marlins and Padres respectfully. Neither team is headed anywhere this post season, so look for both these pitchers to continue to get the nod every 5th day.



Perdomo sits with less than 5% average ownership, but has pitched at least 6 innings in six straight starts and seems to be getting stronger. Likewise, Urena has a string of quality starts racked since the all-star break, bar a thumping by the Dodgers on July 15th.



Only problem with Urena is he is no longer a fantasy secret, being owned in roughly half of the standard leagues. So, if you’re still staring at holes in your pitching staff, while trying to earn a playoff berth, which minor league pitchers could turn the tide in your favor?



Two Pitchers to Watch Closely


Wilmer Font – Clayton Kershaw is due to come off the shelfYu Darvish is on the DL

  • Wilmer Font – The LA Dodgers are steamrolling their way towards potentially a record-breaking season. However, their pitching staff is beginning to show signs of wear. Ace Clayton Kershaw is due to come off the shelf, and recent acquisition Yu Darvish is on the DL.


Alex Wood appears headed there as well. Brock Stewart is going to get the first shot at Darvish’s vacant rotation spot, but lurking at Oklahoma City is 27-year-old Venezuelan Wilmer Font. Font has the lowest ERA in the hitter happy Pacific Coast League.



However, the most astonishing stat for fantasy owners to consider is whopping 170 strikeouts in 128 innings. If Steward should stumble, or the Dodgers decide to rest their staff heading towards a run at the World Series, don’t be surprised if Font gets at least a couple trips to the hill in September.


experiencing concerning injury issues

  • Tom Eshelman – The Phillies have a staff of promising young pitchers who held their own most of the season. Vince Velasquez is one of those, but he is experiencing concerning injury issues.


If Philadelphia wants to dig into their minor league bag of prospects, Tom Eshelman is the next in line to fill a rotation spot. Eshelman started 5 games at AA before earning his way onto the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. At Lehigh, he’s nailed down 8 wins, by showing an impressive ability to keep runners from crossing the plate.



His strikeout numbers don’t jump off the stat page, but he also has handed out only 13 free passes in his 107 innings at AAA. If Eshelman can carry that command to the big league level, he could be a worth a flier when the Phillies fill out their expanded September roster.


Monitor all the potential call-ups before they happen, by checking in at That’s how you can adjust your MLB lineups before your competition and maybe steal your way into the league playoffs, or pull off the sleeper pickup of the year that sends you home with the hardware.

Jeremy L. Goldstein, Helping Navigate Complex Legal Matters

The Legal Referral and Information Service has just launched a website for those seeking a great attorney. The site is run in collaboration with the New York Bar Association and provides access to service(s) anytime it’s needed. A reviewer will match the client with an attorney based on that individual’s specific needs. Should there be a more localized service or an attorney isn’t able to be located, the referral will be sent to someone who’s able to help. The service is invaluable to those who don’t have an excessive amount of time or money to dedicate to finding an attorney.


Among the fine attorney’s that are featured in New York is Jeremy L. Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. His firm is dedicated to corporate governance and compensation issues. Being an expert in this field, he dedicates his efforts to these and similar issues such as benefits. His educational background features Ivy League Cornell University for his undergraduate degree and New York University for his Juris Doctor (law) degree. He’s received the distinction of graduating with honors from these schools for his academic excellence. He’s lectured at events for the American Conference Institute on issues relating to executive wages. His expertise has also been lent to publications at NYU and Harvard University.


Being a well-rounded scholar and attorney, Jeremy Goldstein still finds time to help others. He’s served in leadership roles over the last decade for local and national nonprofit organizations. His intelligence and experience extend to many including those in need. As a prominent attorney dealing with complex legal matters on a regular basis; it’s refreshing to see someone stand out from the crowd. His hard work and dedication have not only stood the test of time; they’ve helped those in need of assistance in navigating legal matters that may seem overwhelming and intimidating.


To learn more, visit

Kim Dao Vlogs A Lazy Day In South Korea

Sometimes you just gotta relax. That’s certainly what YouTuber Kim Dao does in one of her latest vlogs from South Korea. If you want to hang with Kim Dao and Sunnydahye, check out Kim’s vlog, “When will I go home? | Lazy Day in KOREA| Vlogmas #18 | KimDao in KOREA.”


Since it’s Sunday, Kim Dao says she’s going to church with Sunny’s family. After that, Kim plans on going to walk around Gangnam and check out all the Christmas goodies on display.


In the next shot, Kim Dao is walking around Gangnam with Sunny. The two friends pass by a ton of interesting street food vendors. For lunch, Kim and Sunny decide to go to a local restaurant for some authentic Korean fare.


When Kim returns to Sunny’s pad, she introduces us to Natalia Pek. Natalia is a professional photographer who has a popular Instagram account at Kim Dao was going to do a photoshoot with Natalia, but she says she’s just too tired to be bothered with that today.


Kim Dao says that she really wants to go to Daiso to buy a few items for Sunny’s room. In particular, Kim Dao wants to buy Sunny a kettle to make hot water in.


When Natalia and Sunny leave to run errands, Kim Dao says she’s getting to work on her video from Universal Studios Japan. She also says that she’s planning a bunch of new videos for her main YouTube channel. Kim will only be in Korea for a few more weeks.



Louis Chenevert, the Innovative Steward

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. UTC is an innovative company in the business of investing heavily in advanced equipment. UTC makes serious efforts to invest in its staff to accomplish its goals. It provides the Employee Scholar Program to its staff to empower them to gain skills through education.

The company is in the business of assembling jet engines, refrigeration and air conditioning, heating, and building of helicopters. The company is credited with the GTF breakthrough, whose fuel efficiency is 16 percent better than other engines. The machine had a successful entry into the market with about 14 airlines using it currently. Chenevert is a strong leader who did more at UTC is his six years at the helm. He acquired Goodrich and helped the company to become the sole supplier of the F-35 engine.

Louis Chenevert is Canadian by nationality. He was both the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is currently an Exclusive Advisor at Goldman Sachs. He was appointed as president of Pratt and Whitney in 1999 after a six year stint with the company. Earlier on, he had worked for General Motors for about 14 years. He also served as a Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Business Council from 2011 to 2012.

Due to his exemplary performance, Chenevert was awarded the Honor Award by the National Building Museum. He was also named the Person of the Year 2011 by the Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. In addition to that, Chenevert also serves in the Board Directors at Cargill and as Chairman of the Yale Cancer Center as an advisor. He is a holder of the Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Production Management from the University of Montreal. He was also inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is also the Chairman of the Tax and Fiscal policy Committee of the Business RoundTable.

The Contributions of Daniel Mark Harrison to the Cryptocurrency Market

Daniel Mark Harrison is famous for his contribution in the money market. Harrison acquired a degree in Theology from St.Peter’s College, Oxford. He holds an MBA from BI Norwegian business school. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Daniel Mark Harrison & Company. The company deals with property primarily in England, though it  has offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Harrison also holds a managerial position at Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital offers investment opportunities in space supply tenders and public company bids and takeovers. Harrison has substantial knowledge of cryptocurrency and has made the company the first initial coin offering company to provide realistic selling solutions to investors.

Daniel Mark Harrison is the first person to create a system that provides Crowdfunding option to the market. It is an option of providing tokens to investors at an auction hence increasing the share volume. He is a media proprietor and has published articles and Journals featured in magazines like Washington Post, Forbes and portfolio. He is the editor of  Coinspeaker, where he highlights issues like how one should organize data compilation and data presentation. He also increased the number of readers from ten thousand to a million readers in a month.

As part of the media, he is also an author. Butterflies is his first book, where he explains about changes in facts and fictions in the current world. In the book, he has incorporated various factors such as sexual habits, spiritual beliefs among others that influence on money spending. Millennial Reincarnations is his other book.

He is also a technology enthusiast. He came up with the first internet of things economy configuration which led to the founding of Factory Banking. Factory banking involves carrying out many transactions at ago using a platform that is well networked. He also unveiled the internet of things saying that it will be the internet of nothing if there is no blockchain.

Goettl Air Acquires South California Based Walton’s Heating

Goettl Air Conditioning bought Walton’s Heating and Air in June 2017 in a deal whose financial details were not disclosed. HVAC company is family owned with its headquarters in Southern California. The deal is mutually beneficial for both companies. For Goettl Air, it allows them to start expanding into California and solidify their existing operations in Tucson, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Walton’s Heating will on its part be able to expand way much further than its founder Todd Longbrake, by his admission, could have imagined it growing, or driven it to. Mr. Longbrake had expressed reservations towards the acquisition deal when it was first proposed in 2015. However, after he heard some very positive comments about Goettl Air and its founder Ken Goodrich, he had a change of heart and decided to give it a try. Since the deal was finalized in mid-2015, Todd Longbrake says that Walton’s Heating has grown tenfold.

Although the deal was completed two years ago in 2015, Ken Goodrich held off on announcing it till earlier this year because of some issues with the operations within Walton’s and some marketing complications. Now that all that has been sorted and the announcement has been made, it was also revealed that Todd Longbrake would be retained in the company in the fields of sales management and field supervision. Mr. Goodrich spoke highly of Mr. Longbrake’s work ethic and the ease with which he assimilated to the company culture of Goettl Air, factors which informed the decision to retain him within the enterprise. He also has extensive knowledge of the workings and operations of Walton’s Heating as well as the South Californian consumer market.

Goettl Air is a leader in the HVAC industry committed to offering customers with the best products and services to meet their needs. The company is based in Arizona, although it has recently taken measures to expand into the South Californian market with the acquisition of Walton’s Heating in 2015. Goettl Air was founded in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926 before relocating to Phoenix Arizona at the height of the great depression to seek better opportunities. Upon the relocation, Goettl Air became internationally recognized for their prowess in producing evaporative coolers and other innovative heating and cooling technologies en masse. So committed to innovation in this industry was Goettl Air that they were at one point the owners of over 100 patents. View the complete company profile on