Igor Cornelsen: Reading The Pulses Of Stock Market

Igor Cornelsen is an internationally known stock market entrepreneur and investor who is currently working with Bainbridge Investments, Inc. With sharp analysis and accurate stock forecasts, he is considered to a man who knows the pulses of stock markets. Though he mostly concentrates the Brazilian stock markets on linkedin.com, he is thorough with other stock markets as well, and his clients usually consult with him before going ahead with any investments. His investment strategies, ideologies, tips, and advises making him dear to all of his customers.

Igor Cornelsen is considered to be a man of long-term investments, and he has specific plans for both income and wealth creation. He uses a strategy of spreading investments in different stocks or investment options so that it ensures fewer chances of losing the game. Igor is a very specialized investor and investment advisor as he not only invests in stock markets but also does in forex, commodities, real estate, etc. This means that he would always have a plan B, even when there is turmoil. While he gives investment advice, he asks his people to avoid damaged companies. He says that while choosing the investments, the investors should follow the rules and regulations of the country as there are chances people been victimized by fraudulent infiltrators if not done correctly at http://igorcornelsen.yolasite.com/. He also advises that rather than investing in options that give returns after a long duration, it is better to invest in options that offer regular returns.

As a person with decades of experience in Brazilian banking industry Igor Cornelsen thinks that the country can play a crucial role in leading the world economy. He follows a number of strategies that are aimed to help his clients at the end of the day. Igor Cornelsen considers that customer is his priority. Since he has better exposure to the Brazilian economy, Igor specializes in giving advises on the investments in the country. He is also active in social media and his Facebook posts confirm that he keenly watches the political and economic developments in Brazil. Many of his posts are displaying his anger towards corruption and extravaganza of both Brazilian politicians and bureaucrats on snappages.com. He also protests some ill practices in the country like compulsory union contribution, undue parliamentary privileges, privileged forum, etc., and signs petitions against it.

Securus Continues To Go Above And Beyond For Both Prisoners And Law Enforcement

I recently read about the technological innovations within our prison systems. There is a woeful lack of innovation. I believe it has something to do with the business structure of the entire deal. Special third-party telecommunications companies fight for government contracts to become the exclusive provider of telecommunications services to different incarceration facilities.


Once one of these contracts is in place, the telecommunications company is by no means inspired to innovate. After all, their customer base has no choice but to use their services in order to contact people on the outside of the prison. Companies like Global Tel-Link take advantage of the situation by investing no money into innovations and providing a terrible service. If any of the prisoners have a complaint, tough luck. Global Tel-Link employees a very small customer service workforce and will not take any steps to accommodate them. And the price for this terrible service is sky high.


There is some hope because a company called Securus is innovating even though they do not have to. This telecommunications company takes care of its customer base by treating prisoners ethically and humanely. They provide a top-notch call quality, great Internet services complete with video chat, reasonable prices and an easy way to pay for these services online using the newly acquired JPay Technology. Securus employs the largest customer service call base in the industry. The 220-seat call center picks up the average call within 11 seconds, resolves over 99% of issues on the first call and is capable of fielding over 2 million calls per month. They are taking care of their customers even though those customers have no choice but to use their services.


But it is their innovations that help law enforcement reduce crime that really stand out. Every single call into and out of the prison made by a prisoner is digital. That digital phone call is recorded and put into a database that can later be searched by law enforcement. Using Securus software, investigators can lock onto a particular voice and pull up every single phone call that the voice has been involved with.


To ensure that every single prisoner uses the recorded telephone call service, Securus innovated the Wireless Containment Solution. The technology stifles any contraband cell phone signal making it impossible for a prisoner to illegally connect with the outside. The prisoner is now forced to use the affordable, high quality, recorded telephone service provided by Securus.


Lots Of No-Poo Choices, But WEN By Chaz True Pioneer

When a brilliant idea launches, and the product has caught on in a huge way, competitors notice and then try and dupe the item.

Take for example, WEN By Chaz hair care. Longtime celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, created the concept of the no lather shampoo system back in 1993. The genius of the brand exploded on to the scene, and women were finally happy that someone really took interest in the health of their hair.

Years later, and now there are plenty of duped WEN By Chaz rip-offs available, but the genuine pioneer remains Chaz Dean. There are reasons why. As a famous hair stylist, Chaz Dean was aware of the chemicals being added to most shampoos and conditioning products on the market. Sulfates were making hair full of frothy lather, but at the same time, weakening and stripping the hair.

Chaz Dean developed the WEN system and brought nature back into the beauty mix. He blended amazing ingredients like botanicals, herbs and extracts. These nourishing, vitamin-packed cleansing conditioner formulas bathe hair strands from root to end, restoring strength and super shine to hair of any type and texture.

When you’re washing with WEN By Chaz, you don’t need a lather or nasty sulfates invading your hair follicles. His luxurious, creamy formulas are the right touch for hair in any condition, at any age. He even makes Wen Kids cleansing conditioners, so you know his formulas are natural, safe and gentle.

When you think about it, Chaz Dean’s WEN brand has changed the way the world cares for hair. People don’t have to choose chemical by-products stuffed into their shampoos and conditioners. They can stand up, choose to be healthy and get hooked on the no lather shampoo system. Need Wen? Order online via Wen.com or thru Sephora.

To learn more about WEN By Chaz, visit them here: http://chazdean.com/


José Borghi’s Successful Career as Brazilian Advertisers

José Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe Agency formerly known as Borghi Lowe. He has been recognized as the most influential Brazilian advertiser in the industry. Among the thing he did include creating effective campaigns such as the Mammals of Parmalat in which children sang the memorable jingles while dressed like stuffed animal and the great Sazón that came with the Zezé di Camargo and Luciano hit, ‘it is the love.’

José Borghi’s did not know which career to pursue, and he only decided to begin the advertising career when his sister invited him to watch a performance in Castro Neves theater. The play was a presentation of a commercial that was awarded in Cannes. He was still in junior high school, but he had already started seeing himself as a winner of the Cannes Lions.

José Borghi began his career in 1989 at the Standart Ogilvy agency. He, later on, worked for other reputed agencies such as Talent and Léo Burnett, DM9 / DDB and FCB before deciding to establish his advertising agency. He and his partner Erh Ray co-founded BorghiErh agency and by the time they were starting they had no bank, investors or even a godfather in the industry. They both worked hard for the success of the agency and eventually in December 2006 it became Borghi Lowe, and they divided the premiership with Erh Ray. On succeeding in the domestic and international market, the agency amalgamated with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group, and the name of the agency changed to Mullen Lowe being served by José Borghi as the co-CEO together with André Gomes.

Over the years the agency under the control of José Borghi has climbed the ladder and is now serving large companies such as Honda, Delta Airlines, Electrolux, Asia Motors, Antarctica, Itaú, Arcor, Unilever, BankBoston, Globo and American Express among others. He has scooped prominent awards in the industry such as 15 April Advertising Awards and 10 Clios Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 14 Cannes Lions and 11 at the New York Festival among others.

The Business Endeavors of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is known for his involvement in business, law, and fund raising. His education was at some of the best colleges. He additionally has an impressive work experience list on his resume.

Same Tabar started prepping for his future at the University of Oxford. He studied from 1997 to 2000. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree at Oxford, Sam Tabar moved onto Columbia University to continue his educational pursuits. He earned his Master’s Degree in law from Columbia U niversity.

His first job was at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, Flom LLP and Affiliates. He worked as an attorney there for nearly six years. He especially worked on fund related business when he worked there.

Mr. Tabar moved onto Sparx Group for his next career move. He worked at Sparx Group as a Managing Director. While there he raised a stunning $600 million for credit, macro funds, and equity. His law degree came in handy while at Sparx too. He gave legal advice to Sparx when necessary. He ended his time at Sparx Group after four years.

He worked as a director of capital strategy for Merrill Lynch after leaving Sparx Group. He worked at Merrill Lynch for nearly two years. His primary duties at Merrill Lynch was searching for investors and creating relations between those investors and fund management members.

At present, Sam Tabar is a partner for FullCycleFund. His position there requires him to focus on raising capital for FullCycleFund. His law Master’s degree comes in handy since he takes care of most of the operations, compliancy, and the law concerns for the FullCycleFund.

His “serious” education and work life is different from Sam Tabar’s social media pages. He typically shares fun photos of his travels on his Facebook page. He likes to share posts and pictures about his friends, family, and his tasteful loft. It proves he keeps his life well rounded out with both business matters and enjoyment.

Mr. Tabar could be the person you need to contact next time you are looking to invest in some funds or for legal advice concerning funds. He is located in the New York City, New York area.