How to Utilize Podcasts Ads to Expand Your Brand Reach and Influence

Businesses and brands are always exploring new means and ways to reach out to more clients. With time, some marketing ideas get phased out as they are no longer effective to the intended courses. For instance, very few businesses today bother spending any money to place adverts on the Yellow Pages.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs place more emphasis on advertising online. Recent findings released by Podcast One, a leading American podcast distributing company, shed useful and rare insights on how podcast advertising can indeed transform the prospects of your venture, for the better. Here’s how.

One-of-a-kind Social Experiment

In early 2016, PodcastOne teamed up with the Edison Research Group to conduct an in-depth and a comprehensive study which demonstrated the power of using paid ads in podcasts to marketers.

The scientific survey involved five consumer brands which have a nationwide recognition alongside other brands which are relatively new and unknown on the marketplace. The one-of-a-kind experiment never before conducted tested the response of consumers to different products and services and it lasted around 4 to 6 weeks.

Better Consumer Reception

The effectiveness of a marketing strategy gets determined by the reaction of the target niche. A successful model is one whereby the viewers and listeners of the adverts walk away having an improved awareness of that particular brand being pitched. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

According to Bloomberg, the study by Podcast One, owned by Norman Pattiz, revealed that the consumers were more receptive to the ads strategically placed on the leading podcasts on the web. The primary categories under investigation were the home and gardens products, financial services, automobile spares products.

Excellent Marketing Strategy

The numbers of people who were able to recall the messages of the adverts rose by double-digit percentage figures, regardless of the products and services advertised to the podcast audiences and this was music to the ears of the masses who had for ages doubted the efficiency of the podcast marketing avenues.

Both the CEO, Norman Pattiz and the VP in charge of strategy at Edison Research Group, Tom Webster, hailed these findings as revolutionary and incredible. Finally, brands can now incorporate the podcast strategy to their ventures without any fear of them backfiring.

About Norman Pattiz

Mr. Norman Pattiz has carved a stellar reputation for himself in the American media landscape. His brilliant career in this particular realm spans an impressive 30+ years and still going strong. Norman Pattiz is the current founder and president of Radio Westwood.

Westwood is ranked as one of the most influential media establishments in the nation. Additionally, the billionaire investor went ahead to set up the L.A-based entertainment group, Courtside Entertainment in 2010. The entrepreneur has been the recipient of numerous prestigious accolades for his contribution to the radio industry.

Cleansing Your Hair Just Got Easier

For years we have been taught that in order to keep your hair clean, we must use shampoo as a cleanser. A lot of us have used shampoo to cleanse our hair only to find out that we have stripped the moisture from our hair and must take the necessary steps to making sure it is properly moisturized again. However, more and more people are moving toward cleansing conditioners instead of shampoo as the chemicals located in many shampoos tend to strip the hair of the oils that we produce in our hair naturally.

Not using shampoo does not mean that you do not wash or cleanse your hair. It does suggest that you clean your hair using an alternate product, such as a cleansing conditioner. This process is called No-Poo and will be gentler on your hair and allow you to maintain moisture, which is necessary for hair growth. This method also saves time because you do not have to take extra steps to moisturize your hair as much. You should not have to sacrifice moisture just to keep your hair clean.

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This is exactly what Chaz Dean had in mind when he created WEN, which is a new way of cleansing and conditioning your hair. During this process, you are able to make sure your hair is clean and hydrated in order to prevent dry and brittle hair, which causes breakage. Wen combines all of the elements we need for healthy hair into one product. It replaces your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. Using this item not only allows you to have strong, manageable and hydrated hair, it saves time.

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Online Reputation News and How it Affects You Personally and Professionally

Hiring an online reputation management firm today is not only useful for business, but also for business professionals looking to network or seeking new career opportunities. Understanding the impact social media and an online presence can have on your opportunities is key to moving forward with a clean slate to only highlighting your skills and achievements.

All Forms of Social Media Can Affect Your Online Presence

Whether you are always checking Facebook and Twitter, there are other areas on the web your name may appear–including your own website or a quote you may have had placed in a local or national newspaper. Clearing negativity from different websites gives you a leg up on recruiters and employers who are choosing top-notch candidates to fit with the work environment they have created.

Check the Format of Your Official Website

Always check the format of your official website, reveals Reputation Defender reviews, as employers and recruiters look to this for opportunities that are most relevant to you as well as those you are most qualified to take on professionally. If your website is irrelevant to the work you are applying for, you may be passed up for an alternative candidate who boasts about similar skills and has a portfolio showcases their works and effort.

Why Use Social Media if it is Risky to Employers?

If you choose to go “invisible” online, it may become even more risky to employers to hire you without proper recommendations. Social media and official websites are no longer just simply for those who wish to share their own opinions on various subjects and ideas. When a recruiter or employers are looking to hire new individuals, they also find themselves digging into the online presence of the individual. When you are not to be found, an employer may pass for another candidate. Without having a social media page, it is more difficult to get a “feel” for those who are interested in the position they are applying for, regardless of their qualifications and skills that may be just what the employer is seeking. Always keep a simple social media profile even if you have your privacy settings on high.

The 2016 Gold Summit show By U.S Money Reserves Provides the Much needed and Timely Information on Owning Gold

In 2017, U.S Money Reserve started a television show named 2016 Gold Summit, which is a direct response television show, with Larry King as the moderator. According to Biz Journals, others in the cast include retired President Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, U.S Money Reserve’s President, Philip Diehl, who is also the chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, U.S. Money Reserve’s Master Numismatist, John Rothans, and U.S. Money Reserve’s former Sales vice president, Brad Castillo. The show is broadcasted from the 2016 Gold Summit located in Los Angeles, California.

The Content

The show that goes for the duration of 28 minutes is divided into two segments, with the first being headed by Reagan who expounds on the rights of Americans owning government gold as his father firmly believed.

The second section involves a discussion on the benefits of owning gold and other factors affecting the financial market, such as the value of the dollar and the gold’s bull market influencers.

Commenting about the show during the launch, U.S. Money Reserve’s CEO, Angela Koch, said that the show manifests the hard work and talent that the U.S Money Reserve well-able production team exudes.

She also noted the excitement and honor that working with Larry King as the moderator provided. The personal relationship between Michael Reagan and Larry King displayed them as the most appropriate team for the 2016 Gold Summit show.

About U.S Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve is a private supplier of United States government and foreign governments’ legal tenders for issued gold, silver, and platinum. Since its unveiling back in 2001, the firm has helped a large number of their clients grow their assets using these precious metals. U.S Money Reserve has primary operation centers in Austin, Texas.

Gold market veterans who were aware of the benefits of owning government gold founded U.S. Money Reserve. They believed in providing the best services, which explains why the firm consists of a highly qualified team that has massive expertise in all money forms and coins research. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

These experts use their know-how to find value-adding metals that include Silver coins, gold coins, platinum coins, silver bullion, and gold bullion. The firm is dedicated to serving their clients with the best customer care service that ensures customers are highly satisfied.

U.S. Reserve has successfully served thousands of individuals with the potential to increase this number. This has led the firm to be the most sought after in the United States and beyond.

Julie Zuckerberg: Highly-Skilled, Experienced Talent Acquisition And Human Resources Specialist

Julie Zuckerberg is a talent acquisition, executive recruitment lead and human resources specialist in the New York area for Deutsche Bank. She has been with the company since April, 2014. Zuckerberg leads the company in the development and negotiation of offers for managing director level personnel to handle private, wealth and commercial clients, U.S. as well as global technology, infrastructure and management. She also counsels upper management on hiring governance as well as recruitment practices to attract top talent.


Zuckerberg’s role includes bespoke recruitment strategies for business heads to proactively address attrition, gaps and client coverage internally and externally. She also manages vendor engagement, provides recruiting teams with direction and coaching and handles regional and global TA objectives related to diversity initiatives, cross divisional talent brokering and internal mobility.


Prior to working with Deutsche Bank Zuckerberg was New York Life Insurance Company’s hire recruiting lead and corporate vice president. Her role included serving as nationwide client relationship lead for hire roles, managing the recruitment process and working with recruiters, sources and project managers. She also did full life-cycle recruiting as well as developed talent strategy planning and execution. She also worked with senior management analyzing the needs of their clients and creating innovative business solutions.


Zuckerberg also spent over 6 years with Citi Global Consumer Bank as an executive recruiter and vice president. While there she recruited directors and managing directors for the company’s Citi Global Consumer Marketing, Internet office and CitiCards divisions. That included providing advice on recruiting strategies, talent and compensation trends as well as lead development and job offer negotiations. Zuckerberg sourced global talent, engaged international candidates and handled the expatriate process, immigration and international relocation. She also vetted candidates and did fee negotiations with search firms.


From November 2002 until October 2007 Zuckerberg was Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson. Her job was to recruit case managers, attorneys, paralegals and support staff for law firms, financial institutions and corporations. She provided candidates with information on opportunities, working conditions and benefits. Zuckerberg also served as a bridge between employees and clients solving workplace and compliance issues and offering employees coaching, counseling and conflict resolution help.


The City University of New York-Brooklyn College graduate is known for the wide range of valuable skills she possesses. They include sourcing, talent acquisition and management, team leadership, executive search, executive staffing, corporate and technical recruiting and human resources management. She also has vast experience in behavioral interviewing, conflict resolution, employee training, counseling and coaching. Julie Zuckerberg has proven to be a valuable asset to every organization with which she has been involved and has helped to dramatically improve their staffing efforts.


In addition to her degree in Philosophy, Zuckerberg is a well-rounded person with lots of positive, meaningful volunteer experience. She is also a caring person with an interest in causes like human rights, animal welfare, economic empowerment, social action and civil rights. She also has a great interest in science and technology, local, national and international culture and the arts.


The Luxurious Copa Star Hospital

The Copa Star Hospital is one of the modern and luxurious hospitals in Brazil. The Copa Star is located in Rio de Janeiro. It has been constructed and designed with the state-of-the-art technology. The hospital is worth $115 million and above. The hospital has been built on a space of 20,000 square meters. It has five floors. The hospital has been constructed to offer maximum comfort to their patients. The environment at the Copa Star Hospital offers serenity to patients and is aimed to aid in the process of recovery. The construction of the Copa Star Hospital was started in 2013. It took three years to be completed. Read more at about Copa Star.

There are 45 ICU (intensive care units) rooms, a diagnostic center, 105 recovery rooms, and nine operating rooms at the Copa Star Hospital. The hospital has medical equipment fitted with the latest technology. The MRI machines at the Copa Star are modern. They give precise and accurate results. The hospital has been built with the concept of a five-star hotel. It has a beautiful dining area where patients get to enjoy different healthy cuisines. The Copa Star Hospital has managed to attract global attention due to its presentation of luxury in the medical treatment.

The Copa Star Hospital has combined leading-edge technologies with innovative designs to offer the best medical attention to their patients. The hospital does not compromise on privacy. All patients are assured of total privacy while at the hospital. This makes it the ideal hospital for top-ranking individuals and celebrities as well. The Copa Star has a technology control system that has been fitted in all rooms. Patients can control the room’s temperature, light, and also close and open curtains using an iPad that is provided by the hospital. They also get to use the iPad through a downloaded app to video conference with either the doctor or a nurse.

The Copa Star Hospital has more than 500 employees who work tirelessly to offer the best medical treatment. The staff at the hospital was trained for two months on how to handle patients in a better way. They were also trained on how to operate the high-tech medical equipment. The top engineers and designers from Brazil and outside were contracted to design the luxurious hospital. The hospital gives the patients the feel of a high luxury apartment with high-quality furniture. The Copa Star Hospital also offers accommodation for relatives of patients who stay in the hospital for long.

The Copa Star Hospital is redefining medical treatment in Brazil. It hopes to be the ideal hospital for neurology and cardiac therapies. It has helped to cut the need for patients to go to other parts of the world in search of specialized medical care. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Arthur Becker’s Focus On Biotechnology And Real Estate Industries

Arthur Becker is a renowned investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and artist. He lives in New York. Presently, Becker is working in the information technology, real estate, and biotechnology industries. He is also interested in fashion and art.

Arthur is the managing member of Madison Partners LLC. The investment company deals in early stage biotechnology and real estate ventures. The firm was established in 2004 as an ownership equity of NaviSite, a NASDAQ quoted firm that focuses on the technology services industry. It offers hosting and collocation services to different ventures based in the United States and United Kingdom. In addition, the firm provides data center hosting and innovative cloud based application management to numerous enterprises. Between 2002 and 2010, Becker was the chief executive officer of the company and chairperson of its board.

He joined Zinio, LLC in 2012 after NaviSite was sold to Time Warner. Zinio is the world’s biggest Newsstand. For seven years, Becker has been a senior adviser of Vera Wang fashion. He is well versed in technology services and investment banking.

According to Wikipedia, during his tenure at NaviSite and Zinio, Becker was able to learn more about real estate and technology businesses. In 2011, he decided to invest in real estate industry. Arthur invested in condominiums in Miami and New York. Moreover, he has been exposed to several early stage biotech firms that have had significant impact in the sector. Becker has developed deep interests in biotechnology owing to the existing economic opportunities in the industry and its potential to transform people’s lives. Particularly, Becker is intrigued by the trends in the area of cancer treatment. Although he lacks medical training, Becker is aware of the multiple approaches used in the field.

He asserts that his days are flexible because he does not have an operating venture that has scheduled meetings and conference calls. Presently, reveals, he is in the last stages of finishing some Town Houses located on Sullivan Street, New York. He is also preparing to develop a small luxury residential condominium in Tribeca. Becker advises entrepreneurs to develop innovative investment strategies and learn to follow market trends. This way, they will be able to run their businesses as going concerns.

Igor Cornelsen: Reading The Pulses Of Stock Market

Igor Cornelsen is an internationally known stock market entrepreneur and investor who is currently working with Bainbridge Investments, Inc. With sharp analysis and accurate stock forecasts, he is considered to a man who knows the pulses of stock markets. Though he mostly concentrates the Brazilian stock markets on, he is thorough with other stock markets as well, and his clients usually consult with him before going ahead with any investments. His investment strategies, ideologies, tips, and advises making him dear to all of his customers.

Igor Cornelsen is considered to be a man of long-term investments, and he has specific plans for both income and wealth creation. He uses a strategy of spreading investments in different stocks or investment options so that it ensures fewer chances of losing the game. Igor is a very specialized investor and investment advisor as he not only invests in stock markets but also does in forex, commodities, real estate, etc. This means that he would always have a plan B, even when there is turmoil. While he gives investment advice, he asks his people to avoid damaged companies. He says that while choosing the investments, the investors should follow the rules and regulations of the country as there are chances people been victimized by fraudulent infiltrators if not done correctly at He also advises that rather than investing in options that give returns after a long duration, it is better to invest in options that offer regular returns.

As a person with decades of experience in Brazilian banking industry Igor Cornelsen thinks that the country can play a crucial role in leading the world economy. He follows a number of strategies that are aimed to help his clients at the end of the day. Igor Cornelsen considers that customer is his priority. Since he has better exposure to the Brazilian economy, Igor specializes in giving advises on the investments in the country. He is also active in social media and his Facebook posts confirm that he keenly watches the political and economic developments in Brazil. Many of his posts are displaying his anger towards corruption and extravaganza of both Brazilian politicians and bureaucrats on He also protests some ill practices in the country like compulsory union contribution, undue parliamentary privileges, privileged forum, etc., and signs petitions against it.

Securus Continues To Go Above And Beyond For Both Prisoners And Law Enforcement

I recently read about the technological innovations within our prison systems. There is a woeful lack of innovation. I believe it has something to do with the business structure of the entire deal. Special third-party telecommunications companies fight for government contracts to become the exclusive provider of telecommunications services to different incarceration facilities.


Once one of these contracts is in place, the telecommunications company is by no means inspired to innovate. After all, their customer base has no choice but to use their services in order to contact people on the outside of the prison. Companies like Global Tel-Link take advantage of the situation by investing no money into innovations and providing a terrible service. If any of the prisoners have a complaint, tough luck. Global Tel-Link employees a very small customer service workforce and will not take any steps to accommodate them. And the price for this terrible service is sky high.


There is some hope because a company called Securus is innovating even though they do not have to. This telecommunications company takes care of its customer base by treating prisoners ethically and humanely. They provide a top-notch call quality, great Internet services complete with video chat, reasonable prices and an easy way to pay for these services online using the newly acquired JPay Technology. Securus employs the largest customer service call base in the industry. The 220-seat call center picks up the average call within 11 seconds, resolves over 99% of issues on the first call and is capable of fielding over 2 million calls per month. They are taking care of their customers even though those customers have no choice but to use their services.


But it is their innovations that help law enforcement reduce crime that really stand out. Every single call into and out of the prison made by a prisoner is digital. That digital phone call is recorded and put into a database that can later be searched by law enforcement. Using Securus software, investigators can lock onto a particular voice and pull up every single phone call that the voice has been involved with.


To ensure that every single prisoner uses the recorded telephone call service, Securus innovated the Wireless Containment Solution. The technology stifles any contraband cell phone signal making it impossible for a prisoner to illegally connect with the outside. The prisoner is now forced to use the affordable, high quality, recorded telephone service provided by Securus.


Lots Of No-Poo Choices, But WEN By Chaz True Pioneer

When a brilliant idea launches, and the product has caught on in a huge way, competitors notice and then try and dupe the item.

Take for example, WEN By Chaz hair care. Longtime celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, created the concept of the no lather shampoo system back in 1993. The genius of the brand exploded on to the scene, and women were finally happy that someone really took interest in the health of their hair.

Years later, and now there are plenty of duped WEN By Chaz rip-offs available, but the genuine pioneer remains Chaz Dean. There are reasons why. As a famous hair stylist, Chaz Dean was aware of the chemicals being added to most shampoos and conditioning products on the market. Sulfates were making hair full of frothy lather, but at the same time, weakening and stripping the hair.

Chaz Dean developed the WEN system and brought nature back into the beauty mix. He blended amazing ingredients like botanicals, herbs and extracts. These nourishing, vitamin-packed cleansing conditioner formulas bathe hair strands from root to end, restoring strength and super shine to hair of any type and texture.

When you’re washing with WEN By Chaz, you don’t need a lather or nasty sulfates invading your hair follicles. His luxurious, creamy formulas are the right touch for hair in any condition, at any age. He even makes Wen Kids cleansing conditioners, so you know his formulas are natural, safe and gentle.

When you think about it, Chaz Dean’s WEN brand has changed the way the world cares for hair. People don’t have to choose chemical by-products stuffed into their shampoos and conditioners. They can stand up, choose to be healthy and get hooked on the no lather shampoo system. Need Wen? Order online via or thru Sephora.

To learn more about WEN By Chaz, visit them here: